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Two training sessions per week with professional trainers (5 weeks)

You receive professional guidance for learning the exercises

You work to burn fat

Measurements and evaluation of your capacity to burn fat at the start and at the end of the 5 weeks

Participant contribution of 89 Euros

étude 5 semaines

Start your journey towards a healthier and more active lifestyle now!

How does the 5-WEEK WEIGHT-LOSS COURSE work?

You start with a FREE intake meeting with the coach

Short sessions with TOP guidance from our TOP coaches

Start and end measurement, and your report after 5 weeks!

You receive a personal chip, so the fitness equipment is set automatically

your fat-burning capacity is set to increase

Participant contribution of 89 Euros 

Our coaches have superior expertise in the field of Health Coaching
They know exactly how to achieve your goals 

étude 5 semaines

A real boost for your body and your morale


Sessions will be organized around your schedule

The first session will be determined with your trainer

The sessions take place during the opening hours of the club, both during the day and in the evening and on weekends

So you can start and train when it suits you best

Want to start next week? Register now! The coach will contact you for your first appointment!

étude 5 semaines

Feel more alive, fresh and in shape: you will regain energy

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